What Is The Best Espresso Machine For Home Use?

Best Espresso Machine for Home Use

Guest Post by: Erik Neil from TheCoffeeTools

If you are looking for the best espresso machine for home use, we got you covered. You will know how to find the best machine from the thousands available.

As a coffee lover, I am sure that you spend a lot of time going to and fro your favorite coffee
shop to get your freshly brewed coffee. The visits can be quite tiring; that is why you need to
invest in an espresso machine. With the best espresso machine, you can fix coffee in the
comfort of your kitchen. You will also cut on costs because you won’t have to spend money
anymore at your local coffee shop just so that you get a cup of coffee.

An excellent espresso machine should have outstanding features to offer you the best service.
The market is flooded with thousands of espresso machines with different brands trying to
outdo each other. Hence, it can be a daunting task to find the ideal espresso machine; however,
that should not worry you because we will look into that. The bottom line is you can indeed find
the best espresso machine, which is also affordable for home use.

Finding the best espresso machine for home use
A good cup of espresso is quite relaxing and making it at home is even more satisfying. There
are many espresso machines in the market, but what is the best espresso machine for home
use? To answer this question, you must first understand the different espresso machines
available in the market today so that you can choose the best for home use.

1. Automatic machines

When operating this machine, you use a button instead of a lever to brew your espresso. You
will note that the machine programs the size of the espresso or any other coffee drink you are
making. Because the process is automated, it is easier to deliver continued consistency in
brewing espresso than any other machine.

2. Manual machines

If you choose this machine, you will have to use finely ground beans to brew your espresso. When you scoop the finely ground beans into a portafilter, you need to have it tamped down so that the lever can pull water manually into the grounds. This method has been said to be the hardest to grasp, making many people avoid this specific espresso machine. 

  • Semi-automatic machines 

A semi-automatic machine is almost related to a manual machine when it comes to preparing your espresso. The difference is with a semi-automatic machine where you use a button dial that automates water flow without using the lever to draw water manually.

  • Capsule machines

These machines are designed only to use capsules, also known as pods that come with pre-measured coffee required to make espresso. You can also make any other coffee drinks with this machine, mostly because of their exquisite consistency.

  • Super-automatic machines 

This is a better version of an automatic machine. It comes with automated and programmable coffee sizes. The uniqueness of super-automatic machines is they not only grind beans but also measure them out.

What is the best espresso machine for home use?

An excellent place to start when finding the best espresso machine for home use is looking into the features of a good espresso machine. As an avid espresso drinker, you need an espresso machine that works throughout without disappointing. We will look at the specifications that constitute the best espresso machine for home use.

  • Built-in grinder

The best espresso machine for home use should have an inbuilt coffee grinder. You will notice that some modern automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines do not come with this feature. Without a built-in grinder, your espresso machine will not allow you to make aromatic coffee, which most people love. Go for an espresso machine that comes with ceramic milestones, for it delivers excellent grinding. Some types of coffee need specified degrees of grinding; that is why an inbuilt grinder is essential and a must-have in an espresso machine for home use. 

  • Milk frother

The best espresso machine for home use should allow you to make coffee drinks made with milk. That way, you will be able to use your espresso machine to make lattes, cappuccinos, and many other drinks. A good espresso machine should have options for steaming milk while others are equipped with a thin wand that you can immerse directly in milk containers allowing the machine to fill the right amount of milk. 

  • Portafilter

The portafilter should have the best material, mostly designed with steel. This is because steel enhances heating of coffee grounds once hot water flows in. That is how the coffee’s aromas get in the brewed espresso.

  • Pump pressure

The best espresso machine for home use should be equipped with a pump pressure, which should be 8 to 9 bar in the portafilter. If you want to enjoy a delicious, foamy espresso, use the pressure we have specified, which should be at least 8 bars. If you opt for an espresso machine having lower pressure, it will affect the quality of the espresso you will brew. 

  • Water tank 

An espresso machine should offer you convenience. When purchasing the best espresso machine for home use, you should go for one with a sizable water tank. It should allow you to brew at least eight cups of coffee in a row. You should also be able to pour water into the espresso machine conveniently in an effortless manner.

Final thought

The best espresso machine for home use puts a smile on your face knowing that you will enjoy a fresh, tasty espresso anytime you want it. We have outlined what makes the ideal espresso machine for home use. You are now better equipped to hit the market and choose the best espresso machine for home use. Now that you understand the various espresso machines and what makes a good one, you can now brew excellent espresso.

The difference between a great espresso and one that is just there lies in finding the best espresso machine. An excellent espresso should be full of flavor, highly concentrated, and tasty. If the espresso machine you choose cannot deliver that, then you are in for some disappointment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when purchasing the best espresso machine for home use as long as the one you opt for has all the essential features we have outlined. 

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