Theo Klein Single-Serve Coffee Maker Toy – This is Too CUTE!

Theo Klein Single-Serve Coffee Maker Toy

One glimpse of this Theo Klein single serve coffee maker toy with its design and identical logo, and it’s easy to see why some consumers actually mistook this for the real thing!

That ol’ saying about reading the “fine print” comes to mind….In all seriousness, it looks just like our Tassimo, right down to the last detail, but as one person found out, it’s the fun pretend version that the kiddos can use for their own kitchen play adventures! Pretty clever right?

In addition, the pretend “t discs” look pretty accurate too! Kids can put them in and pour water into the back and push a button and it will dispense “coffee” just look ours.

If you have young children who are curious about your own model and you’re concerned about safety issues, this is a great way for them to have their very own just for fun.

Of course, in this day and age, older kids seem to take to single serve brewers very easily as I know that generation is very savvy about gadgets. So next time you’re making a cup, little Johnny or Jane can get their own “java fix” too!

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