Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

single cup coffee maker reviewsHello and welcome to Love To Sip! Where the coffee is always hot and the tips and advice fresh as well! First off let me say a big hearty fresh-brewed “Welcome” and thank you for visiting today! It can be perplexing when you’re dazzled by the array of coffee makers out there today that operate with the use of those little pods known as “k-cups”. Let’s just say we felt that way too once, so you’re in good hands!

Honest Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews…From Someone Who’s “Bean” There!

Hopefully that doesn’t sound too cheesy? We take our research seriously in the evaluation of various coffee maker models, factoring in things like performance, reliability and yes, value for the money.

Our process includes hands-on research as well as close-up testing and evaluating, in addition to consumer, friend, family and manufacturer inquiries. “Spilling the beans” on what makes different models tick is a lengthy process, albeit enjoyable one.

Top 3 Most Recommended Single Cup Coffee Makers 

By due diligence, these rank the very best when sized up for performance and overall satisfaction. Keep in mind that this is more a comparison of “best of the best” not necessarily good, better, best, etc.

  1. Keurig K45 Elite Brewer
  2. Bunn MCU My Cafe
  3. Hamilton Beach 2-Way

I’ve had the Keurig K10 Mini for 2 years and love it! Great size as well as color selection.

Are these fancy single cuppers going to put me in the poorhouse?

I guess it would depend on your idea of a poorhouse 🙂 But in all honesty, many (with a few exceptions) are reasonably priced….and there are some occasions when you can get a better price than the standard msrp.

The price ranges below can help you to better gauge the best coffee maker for your budget:

1. Under $100
2. Under $200
3. $200-$300
4. $300 and Up

As a general rule of thumb – it is mainly the models intended for commercial use (such as in a restaurant or hotel lounge) that are in the >$300 range as well as a few models that produce more “specialty” type beverages.

I understand that’s not all though…you may have concerns about the costs of the K-cups themselves especially when looked at in a monthly or yearly perspective…There are ways to have your coffee and drink it too while saving some “green” in the process!

Single cup brewing in action:

It’s OK to Do a Little Comparison Shopping!

Not all k-cup models are created equal – the overall size can be important if you have a smaller living area – as well as such parameters as the water tank. Some units don’t have water tanks and are strictly one cup water in one cup coffee out, for example. Other things like brew controls as well are important – some consumers want all the bells and whistles and some would be just as happy without them.

The comparison table can give you a good overview of these features: Compare Different Models

Why single cup coffee makers in general? Are they better than traditional “pot” models?

We have nothing against the traditional “drip” model – it’s got its advantages too. Think about your lifestyle overall – Are you the only coffee drinker in your household- or one of many? Does it irk you if you end up making a full pot but only making a dent in it, meaning you have to pour the leftover down the drain (which means $$$ too, since coffee in itself tends to eat into our budgets!)

Do you entertain guests often, who tend to have varying tastes in their preferred beverage? (e.g., some like decaf, others Colombian brew, etc.) Being able to pop into a different K-cup pod for the different guests is a great alternative to one whole pot of just one kind.

All these are good considerations for you and your lifestyle.

Have questions or concerns?

We’re always happy to take requests if you’re thinking of a model that has not been reviewed yet here…just drop us a line in the Comments, or you can use our handy Contact form and we will try to respond as quickly as we can.

But overall, your queries are important to us so we included a handy guide that covers many topics, everything from water purity issues to general maintenance of the respective coffee makers.

Once again, we hope for this to be a valuable resource for you when considering the purchase of a new single cup coffee maker that will bring you enjoyment for years to come. Here’s to many happy brews!

Best Wishes,

“Java Jennifer”