The Keurig Vue Series: Discontinued But Still a Great Deal

keurig vue v700 brewerThe Keurig Vue in a Nutshell

My friendly neighbor owns a V600 series unit. I have a photographic memory for these kinds of things. It resembles a black cube that sits on the countertop and a glossy finish. Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound very sexy, but apparently it does work well and it’s quite the star performer.

I couldn’t help but notice that the ratings for the Vue were a little lower on average and I wanted to do some exploring to discover what an otherwise satisfactory Keurig generation got bumped down for.

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What I discovered is that this brewer series works great and the line of pods that it is made to work with is dynamite, as they are made to be recyclable too! Here’s my findings on the series itself, and if you’ve got one of these what products you need to keep it going.

Advantages of the Keurig Vue Series

  • It’s very customizable and getting to bump up the temp a few notches can be a real treat; especially if you are one of those coffee drinkers that adds the goodies to the cup prior to brewing such as milk, cream, creamer, etc.
  • Recyclable pods that have a leg up on those eco-unfriendly other kind.
  • The Vue series has one big leg up on the 1.0 models in that there is a line of gourmet-style beverages that can be concocted, like latte and cappuccino.
  • The Cafe option is a two-step process in which you use two pods, which are labeled “1” and “2” right on the symbol. The first one creates “froth” at the default – only setting of 4 oz and the second pod makes the drink.


  • Actual recycling of the spent pods may be a tad messy
  • Locating the unique pods with their lip-shaped design may be trickier, but still doable however there are reusable cups made especially for the Vue series so you can use your own grounds.

How does the Vue compare to the 1.0 and 2.0 series?

As the Vue series launched around the 2010s or right before (the earliest version, the V500, entered the market around 2007) they do combine the convenience of on-demand brewing with some beneficial additions. Like the 2.0 series, they feature a touchscreen (the V500 shows a black and white; and the later 600/700 a color one) with icons that represent customizable options.

Temperature control gives you the added advantage of getting a few degrees hotter (up to 197 degrees F) and I will wager that the V-cup design allows an even better flavor with its porous makeup; the water that goes in flows around the “lip” area which allows for good “percolator” action and better taste overall.
[scrapeazon asin=”B00BSEMHGW” width=”700″ height=”200″ truncate=”1000″ summary=”true” border=”false”]
The Vue series’ easy-customize options; like the 2.0 series; you can set or adjust the time for energy saving mode, auto-shutoff, and the coffee/tea settings are pretty varied; going all the way up to 18 oz. The Vue has corresponding beverage type settings built in that you can select from via the touchscreen.

The icons on the touchscreen match the yellow V-cup symbols, making it a snap to set it up. When you select one of the three you’ll see a short list of options below to choose from: ex. for the coffee and tea setting, you will also see an option for hot cocoa and tea/cider/other. There’s also the “strong” option that can be de-selected as desired.

Keurig 2700 Keurig Vue V700Keurig 2700 Keurig Vue V700Keurig VUE Brewing SystemKeurig VUE Brewing System

What do you need to know first before purchasing the Vue?

The Vue series has been discontinued and a look at the company website confirms this. So it’s a moot point, but if you are considering it, Amazon still carries the Vues and the V-pods in varying price ranges and editions. For all its great features, it’s a brewer that has come and gone like ships in the night, and this sentiment has been echoed in numbers.

Generally, what drove down the overall rating has not been the quality of the mechanisms, but the difficulty in locating the corresponding pods. As with many harder-to-find marketplace items, the pod assortment prices exceed that of the standard K-cups by a slight margin.

This one bugaboo CAN be overcome; as there are the refillable options to consider bridging the gap between the brewer itself and its stricter requirements. It’s important to be sure you are shopping for the refillable filter cup made to work with the Vue as this is not one line that is easy to hack (some people have attempted, but some of them were sorry later on.)

Who is in the Keurig Vue Family?

  • The V500 – earliest arrival, reasonably priced, for a little more there is an option to include a set of 24 cups and a carousel. It does have the fewest size options however.
  • The V600 – shown in the picture at the top; great for home and personal use.
  • The V700 – came out a little later, and includes 8 different brew sizes. I felt the price was a little steep, however. but it had more favorable reviews.
  • The V1200 – This is a commercial brewer made for industry use. Price options are reasonable, but be careful as there were more negative reviews for this one.

Compatible Accessories for use with the Vue series

Got a pre-existing Vue series brewer? These products below will help you get the most out of it:

The Keurig Vue Series – Conclusion

keurig vue v700 brewerIMHO, I feel it is a little unfair to give an appliance a poor review or rating for an accessory being harder to locate or only compatible with a certain accessory. You would not have a negative opinion of a certain blu-ray player for not accepting standard DVDs right?

In short, what others have been saying has been confirmed extensively. The Vue series has been discontinued as its successor, the 2.0 series, usurped the throne. Amazon keeps them in stock as well as their eponymous V-cups but it looks as though the other mainstream retail giants are carrying a more limited selection.

One of the biggest bugaboos with discontinued items like the Vue Series brewer is that models (especially new ones) are getting harder to come by.
I was able to locate a great deal on this V700 on EBay and at the time of this update it is under $150 which is great!

keurig vue discontinuedSo if you have an existing Vue (and it still functions great) you’re certainly going to want to know where to find those elusive pods and the best deals on them in those places. Vue pod assortments come in an elegant looking black box and you can see where it clearly states their intended use.

Look for little teeny “icons” on a yellow background that represent the different beverage types used. There is one for “Coffee and tea” a second one for “Cafe” drinks (like lattes) and a third for iced beverages.

In my experience your best bet is online to get the best deals and selection of pod assortments and accessories. Altogether, the Keurig Vue series is awesome and I wish there were more of them on the market!

Good luck! Do you have a Keurig Vue series brewer and love it? Please share your thoughts below!


  1. Carol Randall says:

    I got my Keurig VUE when they first came out. I splurged because all of the earlier models were lasting one year if lucky before they died. My Vue has been wonderful and I get all of the pods from the Keurig Website – really easy.
    Now that mine has started leaking water I looked for a new one and find they were discontinued a couple years ago. I can’t help but wonder if the real reason they were discontinued was because they lasted so long..

    • jennifer says:

      Good observations there Carol 🙂 Honestly I wish they would re-introduce (or is that re-release?) the VUE again! Feel like I missed the boat on that one…

  2. marsha owens says:

    My Keurig Vue is still working fine. What am I suppose to do now that I can’t find the pods. my system is in good condition because I’ve taken good care of it well. I also like strong coffee.Is there any discount to replace my Keurig Vue.

    • jennifer says:

      Hi Marsha -When I did some checking, it looks like Amazon still has a good selection of Vue pods. What section did you check in because that can affect your selection quality. “Grocery and Gourmet Food” and “Home/Kitchen” has a fair amount of them.

      A word of caution: You won’t find the Vue pods in the “Prime Pantry” section (why I don’t know -they should be there too but trust me, they’re not) Did not know if you were a Prime member or not but did want to mention that:)

      Here is one particular dark/strong flavor that is getting great feedback. I will check to see if there are some others:

      Green Mountain Dark Magic

  3. jennifer says:

    I’m with you Anthony, add me to the list of people who also love thier coffee strong!

    And I think it’s a shame too, the Vue always seemed to be the biggest winner when I cross-compare the earlier 1.0’s and the newer 2.0’s.

    The only way I can see to get around this is to find out upfront about strength settings, what they are, how well they work, etc. For what it’s worth, the Bunn MCU has a pulse brew option and it works great. I just takes a little bit longer but the taste overall is better!

  4. ANTHONY says:

    The one thing that really bugs me about Keurig is they made the View machine which had the great feature of a strong selection. I’m sure there are others besides myself that enjoy a stronger cup of coffee then the standard series 1.0
    or series 2.0 K cup brewers Can make why is it that nobody ever talks about this feature, does everybody enjoy weak coffee I don’t think so. I have noticed that there is a new K cup based Brewer that has a strong selection on it but the K cups contain the same amount of coffee where the V packs had a little more.A friend of mine has one of the newer K cup brewers with the stronger function it is not the same the coffee is weaker then with the View machine. Keurig made a big mistake when they discontinued the View machine those of us that prefer a stronger cup of coffee will be looking at other options.

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