Keurig 2.0 K250 Review

keurig 2 0 k250 reviewRated By Jennifer

Rating: 4.5 Stars

This Keurig K250 review was very enjoyable for a range of reasons. It’s definitely one of the most popular models in the Keurig family and one of the most popular in the 2.0 series. In my research I’ve found that it is voted highly for its size, design and customizable options. It is also the youngest after the K200 in the 2.0 series.

A really cool thing you can do with this model is the capability to brew a whole 5 cup carafe of coffee;  as well as the option to brew a 14-oz tumbler size which is great for those days when you’re on the go. Both settings will let you do just that in addition to your cup-of-joe ritual easily.

Model Name

Keurig K250 2.0 Series Single-Serve Brewer


The listing on Amazon gives these dimensions for the Keurig K250 2.0 Brewer : 15″ L, 9″ w, 13.7″ h.  Weight: 11.5 ounces (7.5 pounds).

Being one to always check for any discrepancies; the manufacturer’s site shows the same dimensions listing at  13.7″ height, 9″ width, and 15″ length. It took me awhile before I realized “length” and “depth” are synonymous and that “width” applies to the front view across measurement. When the handle in front is raised, the height comes to about 17.5″ so if you are trying to determine how much cabinet space needed, I thought I’d throw that out there.

The depth, I believe,  is increased due to the shape of the water tank in the back which is different than the other models. At its widest point, it’s 9″, if looked at from the side view, it’s closer to 7″.

The power cord, which is a little bit shorter than average, has a total length of about 18″.

Keurig K250 Features

The Keurig K250 2.0 contains these major unique features:

  • A removable 40 oz water reservoir
  • A removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Many attractive color options
  • Brew setting capabilities for a 14 oz tumbler and the 5-cup carafe
  • Four different brew strength settings to help the consumer get the right level of bold flavor.
  • A user-friendly touch screen LCD display with a black and white reading.

keurig 2.0 k250 reviewWhat’s Included?

Straight out of the box, you’ll receive some nice bonuses: a water filter, a descaling solution and a cleaning needle (for the part inside the cup compartment that pierces the K-cup-sometimes grounds can get in there and interfere with brewing.) and lastly a sampler box with 4 K-cup pods.

The black carafe is NOT included with the package. You would need to purchase the carafe separately, or the thermal version to take advantage of the “K-Carafe” brewer function.

There is also a user guide and a manufacturer’s 1 year limited warranty.

And lastly, a user guide – but if you don’t receive it, here is the link to the manual.

Keurig K250 Available Colors

No doubt, one thing that makes this unit popular is the array of colors available. There’s one to match the fussiest of kitchen decor.

The Keurig K250 Colors at a Glance: Black, White, Sandy Pearl, Imperial Red (close to burgundy looking), Orange Zest, Strawberry Red (a little lighter), Purple,Turquoise

 Since I started this review the color selection and availability has changed a little…(remember, that was back in 2015) there are also a few “designer colors” that have come out in the batch too 🙂, and the new color series includes Oasis (a pretty pale misty green – love it!),  Plum Gray and Peacock Blue. My apologies as when I started working on this article the “new” colors had not come out yet. In the pictures here, you’re seeing Strawberry Red, Turquoise, Purple and Black.

Some consumers expressed concern over the colors being different from what they saw on screen (due to computer monitors having discrepancies) Sandy Pearl is more like a tan than a true white and Peacock Blue is a very bold teal color and a good bit deeper than the Turquoise if that helps.

You can make it any color, as long as it comes in black -Henry Ford

Keurig K250 2.0 Brewing System, StrawberryKeurig K250 2.0 Brewing System, StrawberryKeurig 2.0 K250 Turquoise Brewing System TurquoiseKeurig 2.0 K250 Turquoise Brewing System TurquoiseKeurig K250 2.0 Brewing System, WhiteKeurig K250 2.0 Brewing System, White

keurig k250 reservoirReservoir

The removable reservoir holds 40 oz , which is a mid-range amount that should last through at least 5-6 brewings, give or take, and has a unique shape to it when viewed from the back – it kind of resembles my neck pillow and wraps around the unit right behind the brewing chamber.

There is a min and max fill line, just like the others; to refill, there is a round depression in the middle which I presume was made to get a grip on the lid.

This is one reason the K250 has a slimmer appearance that some of the other guys; the girth seems to come out of the side view more as I got a close-up look at the water reservoir. It is also designed to accommodate a water filter (included) to get the purest taste.

Drip Tray

The drip tray, which is marquis-shaped, is the same color as the body of the unit and with the center round opening in the top plate, you can easily remove it to drain any overflow. With the full removal of the tray you have ample space to use a taller tumbler, as shown below, or the black carafe, and make full use of your coffee experience.

Is There Any Difference In the K250 and the K200?

Lots of people ask this and after careful investigation, I have come to the realization that there is no physical or operational difference . The K250 simply includes bonus accessories that the K200 does not. These are the descaler and the water filter plus the cartridges. This surprised me, as I was once wondering the same thing too.

Touchscreen and Buttons

There’s only one button…in the front, which you’ll push for brewing, but most of the control of everything is done through the touchscreen.  It’s a black and white layout and as soon as you raise or lower the lever the prompts will kick into action.

The “home” screen shows the power button in the lower right, settings in the upper right. With the arrow keys you are able to choose a brew size which is indicated by the oz number and symbol. There is also a “strong” option in the left bottom corner and to the right of it the option to select “coffee” (The “strong” option will not work for other beverages types.)

Programming and Settings

The options for programming beverages are highly satisfactory on the K250. Although you cannot program it to turn on whenever – besides the different sizes, you can change the language settings (English, Spanish, French) set High Altitude and enable the Water Filter reminder via a simple check the box from the touchscreen. The Water Filter setting will let you know when it is time to change the cartridge, something we can all appreciate when we have those occasional moments of wondering if we’ve forgotten to do this or that in our daily routine.

I must say, Keurig does do a great job making the manuals easy to interpret. I never have a minute of trouble reading them. There are pictures on one page showing the different settings from 1-6 so you can see which sizes are “under” them. Here’s a glimpse of the touchscreen window with pretty much what you’d see prior to choosing a selection.

k250 touchscreen

You also have the option of choosing the Strong setting, another tick-the-box operation, and the carafe option and you’ll see the left image change to the shape of the carafe instead of the coffee cup icon.  From there you get to determine the cup quantity (up to 5.) by pushing the “up” arrow keys until you get the desired brew size in oz.

One quirk is that you can’t program “Auto Off”, you have to push the button in the right corner to turn it off fully.

Keurig K250 Compatible Accessories

To further enhance your brewing experience and make the most of it, there are a number of additional items sold separately.

  • Black Carafe
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe (this one is preferable because the thermal design keeps the heat intact longer.)
  • Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup Refillable cup
  • K-Mug and K-Carafe pods
  • The proprietary Keurig tumbler which works with the 14 oz setting
  • Replacement drip trays (you would have to choose the right color which can vary by availability)

Keurig K250 Consumer Ratings and Reviews

I’m pleased to report that a good number of reviews were positive or satisfactory. A common feature with the 2.0 series is that the preheat function must take place before you begin “start”. On average this may take up to 3 minutes (but hey, even in today’s fast-paced world, what’s 3 minutes?)

A few short/long term owners did not like that it does not have an auto-shutoff feature. You will need to remember to press “off” via the touch screen (and remember to hold it for a few seconds), but this isn’t too big of a caveat.

keurig k250 review

The most satisfied owners claim that not messing with the power off on the touchscreen made a big difference (apparently this can affect the preheat cycle a little) and also the quality of water used can make a difference. While on the subject of water, the reservoir feature was well-received-not having to refill it often was a boon; depending on the frequency of different coffee drinkers, the “add water” did not display until the very bottom-it is easy to see when you are running low.

I like the size and shape; studying them up close at the local Kroger gave me a better way to further evaluate this part. I do get the impression you have to choose a good place in your chosen environment that you won’t have to be sliding and pushing it out all of the time – people with kitchen “islands” do not seem to have this problem.


  • Good variety of brew size settings  that include tumbler and carafe
  • The overall size, shape and design is aesthetically appealing
  • Impressive color selection
  • Multiple brew strength settings
  • Helpful bonus items included (e.g descaler, water filter)


  • It is a 2.0 series model so you will have to be sure to choose appropriate pods
  • The lack of an auto shutoff feature; it could be a minor annoyance
  • The lack of a temperature setting


I feel that the price options are reasonable overall.As of this update (7/7/21), I’ve noticed they have jumped up a bit…perhaps because this model has been around the block awhile and is slowly getting supplanted by successors? as we all know, scarcity=higher demand.) I do notice that the availability of colors tends to fluctuate from time to time. The part that irks me a little is that oftentimes the lowest price tends to be on the black one, which tells me that I’m not the only consumer who goes out for designer colors and that those pretty ones must sell out the quickest. (Guess I’m not the only one with good taste!)

At the time of this update , interestingly enough, the blue and red options are the most abundant However, don’t let that be a stumbling block. It’s YOUR environment and you should pick the color that strikes your fancy the most!

If you insist on a color that is unavailable, the best advice I have is to check into the K200….it looked like you could still grab the pretty light green Oasis and the Pearl. As I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty much the same.

keurig k250 reviewKeurig K250 Conclusion

Overall, a lightweight, aesthetically pleasing machine that does not take up much counter space and complements most décor.

Personally, this is my favorite of the 2.0 series, and the one that I would go out for over the K475 and K575 brethren because I can choose a designer color and because the 2.0 menu is not as super-fancy as the latter two.

A majority of the most satisfied owners tended to be in younger age groups, who are normally the most receptive to technology’s nuances and learning curves, and the 2.0 generation works a little differently than its older brethren.

If you’re a technophobe at heart, the 2.0 series may seem a little intimidating to you, but rest assured it’s not.

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