News: These Keurig Brewers Inspired By Pantone Colors Are A Sight For Sore Eyes!

keurig designer colorsKeurig Brewers Now Being Inspired By Pantone Colors!


If you hate the thought of yet another standard, black appliance in your home, take heart! That’s one thing I love about appliance shopping – these days you have color options on many more things now as we know the designers have certainly read our minds.

Although the most well-known Keurig models, the K10 Mini and the 2.0 K250, do have additional pretty vibrant colors to choose from when you don’t want to settle for black or white, I have gotten word from various news sources saying that the ante has been upped again. The Mini and the K250 has a familiar line of red, yellow, orange, turquoise and purple choices, but these new additions are simply amazing.

I have been catching Pinterest feeds with the Keurig K250 in these peaceful shades of mint green and lavendar. so naturally I had to follow it and see where it led to! What great shades of color for people who like subtle “accent” colors. They are a little more uh – shall we say, “grown up”, like the kind of shades and tones you’d be looking at if you were an interior designer.

In recent years, a partnering of keurig and Pantone Color Institute has led to the development of these new designer colors. which are meant to appeal to a wider range of perosnal tastes and aesthetics. While some people like the more recognizable bold colors like red, yellow, and purple (nothing wrong with that) others are seeking more “blended” colors that don’t compromise on eye appeal either.That’s where the beloved single-serve coffee maker from Keurig comes in to fill this niche.

 Keurig K200 Oasis Keurig K200 Peacock Blue Keurig K250 Imperial Red

This may be beyond the scope of this post, but I gather that choosing colors is just as much a science as it is an art? Some have a certain impact on our moods and thoughts as much as they do the kitchen.

Click here to read the full story on Keurig and Pantone

As of this year the K200 and K250 have a few more new Pantone-inspired color tones you won’t find anywhere else: Plum Gray and Oasis. Imperial Red and Peacock. “Oasis” is a pretty light mint green and the other one I saw that I called lavendar, is named “Serenity”.and made headlines in 2016.

And the K10’s successor, the K15 too gets a makeover in unique color additions like this Black Plum. Burnt Orange and “Greenery”.(Yes please to that orange one as orange is my favorite color)

Of course, the next step – having one of these to call your own is the icing on the cake; and at the time of writing this I am seeing more availability of these unique colors than I did a few months ago. As you know anything that is rare or special in this way gets snatched up quicker.

I hope this trend of Pantone colors continues like it is now. At any rate, color me impressed!


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