Is iCoffee Out of Business? Your Concerns May Be Confirmed

Is iCoffee Out of Business? All Signs Point To…Probably Yes

This question has been asked and  I’ve been asking that too.

The manufacturer website has been down since November 2017. If you go there all you will see is what looks like a “dummy” page or something full of beans. But that is it. Frustrated?

You’re probably thinking at this point-“Oh beans!” That ain’t good! Especially if you happen to own an iCoffee machine (not just the DaVinci but one of their other models too)

Have you purchased an iCoffee lately but are having more stress than bliss over pumps, hisses, and stalled brews? Something has definitely been rotten in Denmark lately if you have been trying to reach out and get some assistance. There has been a lot of talk about not getting ahold of the company for love or money and chances are the company has gone AWOL.

Every so often I like to do a “broken link check” for my website, something all responsible webmasters need to do and found out that I had one broken link and it was to the company website. Dang if that didn’t set off some weird alarm bells. After all, last summer iCoffee had a gorgeous website in place complete with videos, advice, accessories, and tutorials. Now what – it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans – literally because when I checked it that’s what I saw…just a mass of coffee beans and the company logo, but that was it.

You yourself may have tried and with any luck you may have landed here:

which is at least functional, and you may have found the link that took you to the hill of beans page I described.

Boy doesn’t that stink! Going back Io see if anything had changed I got an error page that said “This page isn’t working”  Case closed…

If you were looking for guidance any way you could you may have Googled the contact number – which I found easily. I was also able to locate a pdf manual and the same phone number is on there too. There is some information on page 11 that says:

“if you want to register your brewer warranty you can visit their website. If you want to receive warranty service you would need to visit their website and navigate to the service link to obtain an ATR (Authorization Return Number)”

Which you can’t do because, well, see the earlier paragraph. Now if you tried to call you might have gotten a recorded message. Just out of curiosity, I dialed that number and I got a recorded greeting that stated their office hours, best time to reach during Pacific time, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you on our next business day. I waited for the chime and it said “Mailbox is full”

Earlier on (this spring) I discovered that popel were getting a recorded message that said in so many words “We are out of warranty coffee makers”

Did something like this happen to you recently? If so, I feel you – I don’t want to bash the company or anything or spread rumors but it certainly looks like trouble has been brewing (no pun intended) and apparently it has been ongoing as it was November 2017 when I first noticed that the website had been de-constructed.

Now I have overheard something about them coming up with a new remodeled brewer this year but don’t quote me for sure. If that does happen to be true the lengthy absence may put people off anyway from being interested.

So if you have got a defective brewer what can you do right now?

If you’re having pump problems

One thing I have read about may work on other models too…By disconnecting the water hose and blowing canned air (product also labeled as “computer duster”) into the hose opening some people have been able to unblock their brewer pump.

Resetting the brewer

Another issue is with resetting the brewer, the advice in the video below has helped people out too. The Mozart is either the model immediately before or after the DaVinci (and some people in the comments said it worked for the DaVinci -in cases that it did not work it meant that the inner parts were, well, kaput. )

Brewer dies prematurely

These are the worst case scenarios, and this is the stage of the game that is pretty much, game over. It is understandably, the reports of this that put people off taking a chance.

Truth be told, sometimes you have to vote with your wallet, or your feet (which is it?) Now don’t get me wrong…I thought the SteamBrew technology was an AWESOME concept…getting the French press experience in a single cup machine….but it looks like people are getting steamed up instead 🙁


  1. Web site is back up. I’ve had mine for 4 years this October. Never had one problem. LOVE IT

    • jennifer says:

      That’s awesome! I went through your link to check it out but for some reason I got an error page – why that is I have no clue.

      Any details on the newest product yet? I’m hearing through the grapevine that there will be a new brewer coming soon!

  2. Marie Romano says:

    I’m looking for a replacement part. I need the coffee basket for the 12 cup icoffee machine. Its not just a filter but part of the machine. Any thoughts on how to get one?

    • jennifer says:

      Hi Marie I presume you’re referring to the Steambrew? I checked on Amazon for “Steambrew replacement parts” but didn’t find anything..when I google-d this I got taken over to ebay but all that came up was the brewers themselves. Terribly sorry to have to report that, but I will keep trying!

      Did you try to contact the company? I know that has been a troublesome issue for people lately, but something might have changed…Wish I could be of more help!

  3. Geneva Newell says:

    I bought the coffee back about 11/2 years ago it would work a while and stop. Well we waited a while and tried again it worked fine then yesterday it started coming on by itself and brewing water and it off when my husband took the water tank off it had melted the black top and the side of the tank. Now I can’t find the replacement parts guess it’s time to switch to a new coffee pot. Besides this piece of junk may burn ya house down.

    • jennifer says:

      Good heavens – what an ordeal! I do hope you are able to find a good and reliable new brewer -Don’t lose hope, there are plenty of good options out there It certainly doesn’t have to be an icoffee either:)

  4. Doreen Camerona says:

    I purchased in icoffee in December 2017 from Boscov’s department Store it no longer works will not pump or Brew I did some research and found Remington icoffee and call the number where recorded message came on the line telling me that they were sold out of coffee makers to replace and to wait until the end of the year when they new model is coming out advise me to bring it back to the store where I originally purchased it luckily I saved the receipt online I have no box but I will try to return it I’m interested in seeing what this new coffee maker is like that they supposedly are coming out with

    • jennifer says:

      Thank you for sharing your story! Yes by all means hold onto that receipt 🙂 I too am anxious to see what’s coming down the pike. Time will tell!

  5. I bought a icoffee in December 2017 and it no longer works will not pump the water out the recording told me that they have no coffee makers available and then a new one would be coming out this year and to return my defective coffee maker to the store I purchased it hopefully I will be able to return it with no problem no box just an online receipt I’ll keep you posted I really liked the coffee maker and I curious to see what new product they do come out with if they do come out with it

  6. Kelly P. says:

    We have an iCoffee and absolutely LOVE it, so I was very disappointed a few months back when I went to their website to see what was new and found the same thing you did. I really hope the rumor is correct and they come out with a new brewer. We like ours so much better the the Keurigs. I’ve never had a problem but would like to replace the machine with another iCoffee when the time comes.

    • jennifer says:

      Hi Kelly – Glad you are enjoying your iCoffee….I hope they make good on that too about the upcoming new release. Some people had a few disappointments, but the whole “spin, stir, and steam” concept is pretty killer and had its share of fans. Hope to keep you guys posted if/when I find out!

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