Woo-hoo! I Got a Great Deal on Box of Pods

So not too long ago I got this box of 40 K-cup pods from Ollie’s for $10……Yay, me! I don’t know about other regions, but I live in the Southeast and Ollie’s is a discount merchandise chain that’s been sprouting up lately. They carry a wide variety of overstock items, and the cookware section is always very impressive. And yes, that includes coffee makers, of which I have purchased one – a Hamilton Beach 49979 model. I think it was a little under $50, so not too shabby.

But they also have great deals on the k-cup pods too, from time to time, as you can see here…..

k cup pods good deal
This was a steal…

If anyone out there is fed up with inflation, you’re not alone….In 2019, a box of a dozen pods would generally run me about $5.95 (at some places). I elaborate on this cost/benefit topic a little more here. 12 x 3=36, so that would make 3 boxes of pods around $18, give or take. If you adjust for inflation today it would be closer to $20. So yes, this is a deal!

Here’s what they all look like….all jumbled together but you get the idea. I’m not familiar with this brand but the cup I made lately was satisfactory.

40 k cup pods

Happy Veteran’s Day and hope you too can find some good deals on all that wonderful coffee stuff.

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