I Got These Free Instant Coffee Samples…

Have any of you ever tried out any “health food” (for lack of a better word) type of coffees before? You know, the kind that is enhanced with Lion’s Mane, mushroom powder and the like? In other words, bio-hacked. Well I was at this local health food store one day and I was offered a free sample of “Bio Coffee.” Ever heard of it?

I think it’s relatively new, but long story short, these are sample packets of instant coffee formulated with alkaline ingredients. If you’ve ever wanted to reduce the amount of acid intake in your diet and looking for a much better alternative to your regular cup o’joe, you might want to look into this.

Yes, it is made with real coffee, but it’s also got the addition of wheatgrass, which is supposed to be a “superfood” I am far from being an expert on those, but I never look a gift horse in the mouth….so on to trying them out.

They come in sachets (packets) and will produce an 8 oz cup per packet. just fire up your Keurig on that setting and give it a go. You wont look at “instant coffee” the same way again.

tried some free coffee samples

The store proprietor informed me that I would not need to sweeten this coffee, and he has been right. It uses a saccharide product from chicory root. There is also a the creamer part made from palm kernel.

It tasted great! I may just pick some up now, and you may want to as well. You can pick up a box of these Bio Coffee packets, sorry they haven’t been converted into K-cup form (yet)…

The company that makes this is located in Acworth, Georgia, which is about an hour from where I live. You can probably see the phone number in the image above so if you have any questions, feel free to call, you can tell them that I sent you. Lol…

Enjoy,and get back to me now on how instant coffee is only for amateurs…You’re welcome:)


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