Cuisinart SS 700 Brewing System Review

review of cuisinart ss-700 single serve brewing systemCuisinart SS 700 Single Serve Brewing System Review

Rated by Jennifer

4.1 Stars

The Cuisinart SS-700 is a brewer capable of working with K-cups, and not fussy about what type either. It features a generous reservoir, an iced coffee setting, and adjustable temp setting. Its styling is modern and sleek, and will complement most all decor.

It also has a side compartment for the brew holder assembly for those who like to use the option of the refillable My K-Cups, as one is included for your enjoyment.

Updated 2018: I realize that I started this review in 2015 and sense that it’s time for some more up-to-date info on it So I have some good news and some bad. The bad is that the SS-700 has been recently discontinued and quantities are becoming more limited. The good news is that there is an updated version, the SS-10 with pretty much all of the same features so what I discuss here will still apply.


The Cuisinart SS-700 Single-Serve Brewing System is 13.5 inches high x 12.125 inches wide x 10.25 inches deep.are what is quoted on the Amazon sales page but on the manufacturers’s site the measurements are quoted as L 10.25″, W13.50″ and H 12.10. Sometimes “length” appears as “depth” on varying sites.

The slightly smaller upgrade measures 9.33 by 11.03 by 12.13″

What’s Included

This machine includes a bonus charcoal water filter and a K-cup reusable filter …which enables you to use your own blend of coffee grounds sized just right. The refillable K-cup is dishwasher safe and also stores neatly in a little hideaway compartment on the upper right of the machine when not in use.

Also included is a Limited 3-Year Warranty.

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  • Accommodates a variety of different size mugs; and a removable drip tray for taller travel cups.
  • Programmable with an LCD display and blue backlighting, auto shutoff, temperature control and clock features
  • Brew sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz, It also has an iced beverage setting as well. the 4 oz setting is recommended for these.
  • Roomy reservoir; holds 80 oz of water; so less need for frequent refilling if you are hosting multiple coffee drinking guests.
  • Available in black, chrome or silver finish
  • Uses K-cups and also dispenses hot water for other beverages and edibles as well. You can also use your own handmade grounds with one of the reusable My K-Cup filters.
  • This machine also features a Rinse function as well

Buttons and Controls

The front of the control panel shows the window which has the nice blue backlighting feature, from which you can make some adjustments like choosing which brew size, when to turn on and off, etc. There are three buttons right below this window that read “Menu” and up and down arrows that you’ll push to make changes. 


Below these are the round and semicircle buttons that read “Hot Water” “Rinse” and then there’s the self-explanatory Brew button above them which also illuminate.

There is a power switch near the back which is hard to see at first.

Rinse Function

When you first get a brewer out of the box your first priority is to do a “cleansing brew” – that is what the Rinse function is made to do. When doing this periodically for maintenance reasons, you’d want to select the 4 oz option and also make sure the coffee K-cup chamber remains empty.


The SS-700 has an 80-oz reservoir which is considered on the large side (it’s not gawky though) and will last through a good number of brews before refilling again. The charcoal water filter included goes into the left side reservoir compartment; it is similar to that one included with some of the Keurig 1.0 models in which you can set the date and know when to change the cartridge. This is helpful and very important to use if you live in a hard-water environment.

If you decide to check out the SS-10 upgrade instead, the reservoir is 72 oz…a little smaller but still generous enough for fewer refillings.

cuisinart ss 700 reviewCuisinart SS-700 Consumer Reviews

Mainly positive/satisfactory and fairly awarded reviews were discovered. In addition to K-cup acceptance, people really like the hot water feature for such non-beverage item preparation as water for oatmeal, jello, or ramen noodle soup. If you are wanting to dispense hot water for another beverage or culinary use and in the interim you see both Rinse and Hot Water buttons lit, there is no need to reopen the coffee chamber; you can then proceed to hit the Hot Water button which will be lit now, and the machine will pre-heat for the next cycle. I noticed some consumers were a little puzzled here.

I know a lot of people especially appreciate the programmable time function…you set the time and it takes care of the rest. It does take about three minutes to go from room temperature to brew-ready so you can set it to twenty or thirty minutes ahead of when you get up in the morning.  You can set the brewer to the Auto Off option as well if you want, just specify the “when” but also the power off button on the right side should make things worry-free if you’re going to be gone a long time.


  • The Cuisinart SS-700 is compatible with many varieties of K-cups.
  • The charcoal water filter helps to keep the impurities at bay. It’s easy to read, program, and see what is happening
  • The backlighting helps especially in a dimly lit room.
  • You can program it to turn on or off at a given time
  • The refillable K-cup hideaway chamber which is a neat idea
  • While the SS-700’s default temperature setting is 192 degrees (F) you can change this within a 5-degree parameter.


  • The power switch is on the lower right side of the machine; easy to forget since everything else is shown on the front.
  • The fact that the “water level low” message comes up could be annoying, especially since you are looking at a clear reservoir channel (duh!)


I’m updating this review as of 2/25/18 as there have been some changes as of late. As I understand the Cuisinart SS-700 has been discontinued by the manufacturer so quantities have been getting less abundant. While there used to be a refurbished version for a lower price tag, I found out this evening that is no longer the case and the refurb Cuisinart SS-700 price at the time of writing exceeds the $200 range.

Sorry to report this, as it looked to be that the refurbished Cuisinart SS-700 had reviewer comments that were pretty close to that of the new one. So if you’re still interested, I’m including the link to the remaining quantity but keep in mind they’re not in new condition and the price has gone up somewhat.

And here is the link to the upgraded model for your convenience:

Cuisinart SS-10 Single Serve Brewer

Cuisinart SS-700 Conclusion 

All in all, a pretty decent single-serve brewer, seems to work well, accepts all types of K-cups regardless of brand, and looks nice in the kitchen.

If all of these features combined made you feel that this one was a winner, but you’d prefer a smaller version, I think you’d probably go for the Cuisinart SS-5 instead…but the upgrade is a little smaller than this one in general.

The verdict: The SS-700 or the similar SS-10 model is worthy of consideration for all your coffee drinking needs. I do wish more SS-700s were available, and the other 2 colors (black and chrome) were options too but it is what it is.

It’s an open platform brewer, looks good, works good and has a longer warranty period which are big pluses. I certainly think you could do much worse 🙂

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