Celebrating 2 Years of One-Cup Awesomeness!

Celebrating 2 Years of One-Cup Awesomeness!

It’s official, my site has had it’s second birthday or anniversary (which?) Lots of changes have been occurring, but the one thing I wish I could have done different is regarding the domain name I’ve chosen.

I think somebody in a forum suggested that “Love to Sip” but it was too late as I’d already chosen the domain name which, once you do that it is a done deal; I was (at the time) trying to be a little generic to allow opportunities to expand over time,

That’s why I’m using the branding of “Love to Sip” exclusively here; for awhile I was thinking about the tagline “Life One Cup at a Time” but upon further inspection, it looks like that one is already taken and in use by Keurig itself, and not wanting to be in trouble for anything copyright related, I settled on the name “Love To Sip” which as you can see, is a great fit because, well…we do love to sip! If you are enjoying your coffee then you are going to take it easy and sip it, so there you have it.

But domain names aside, one thing will not change – we here at Love To Sip hope we can continue to bring the latest and best consumer info on the best one-cuppers in the market just like always!

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