My First One-Cupper Gift Buying Experience…A Home Run

My First One-Cupper Gift Buying Experience…A Home Run “It’s better to give than receive” Guys do you have a friend or family member who hates making a whole pot of coffee? Especially when it is just them and they’re not expecting company coming? Well, a one-cupper unit is a great gift idea, and if you […]

Celebrating 2 Years of One-Cup Awesomeness!

Celebrating 2 Years of One-Cup Awesomeness! It’s official, my site has had it’s second birthday or anniversary (which?) Lots of changes have been occurring, but the one thing I wish I could have done different is regarding the domain name I’ve chosen. I think somebody in a forum suggested that “Love to Sip” but it […]

Back to the Grind: Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With Built In Grinder

What’s the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With the Grinder Built In? Read this if you’re a fanatic about having the freshest ground beans money can buy! After all, that is when they are at their best, and when they have been put through the grinder before your eyes then you know for sure. In […]

News: These Keurig Brewers Inspired By Pantone Colors Are A Sight For Sore Eyes!

Keurig Brewers Now Being Inspired By Pantone Colors!   If you hate the thought of yet another standard, black appliance in your home, take heart! That’s one thing I love about appliance shopping – these days you have color options on many more things now as we know the designers have certainly read our minds. […]

The Top 5 Smallest Coffee Makers for One-Cup Brewing

The Smallest Coffee Makers for One Cup Brewing If you are looking for the smallest coffee makers for brewing K-cups, pod sachets, or even tea bags, you’ve come to the right place! I have got you covered, being one of those very consumers who chose the brewer I own currently on one of the parameters […]

Latest News: The Keurig Kold Discontinued

Latest News: Keurig Kold Discontinued It is with some level of sorrow that I share this piece of news I received not too long ago: “The Keurig KOLD has been officially discontinued, and consumers are eligible to receive a refund” CNN, The Verve, and LA Times all covered this recent story, citing “didn’t fully deliver […]