What's Brewing At Love To Sip?

This space is reserved for as-it-happens pod brewer news, updates, and short vignettes of my own coffee enjoyment and participation. Here I may share new discoveries, new model releases, and other tidbits for your enjoyment or enlightenment.

Check Out This Star Wars Keurig Style Pod Brewer

Star Wars Keurig Style Pod Brewer (And Other Characters) Are you a Star Wars fan? Or perhaps another character that you’ve always idolized…Check this out – there’s a line of character-themed single serve brewers…and better yet they also come with their very own matching character theme mug too! I just ran into this not too […]

Is iCoffee Out of Business? Your Concerns May Be Confirmed

Is iCoffee Out of Business? All Signs Point To…Probably Yes This question has been asked and  I’ve been asking that too. The manufacturer website has been down since November 2017. If you go there all you will see is what looks like a “dummy” page or something full of beans. But that is it. Frustrated? […]

Why does almond milk cause coffee to curdle?

Yikes, Coffee Floaters! Has this happened to you if you use a different type of milk? So not too long ago I’m stirring a new cup and don’t really notice anything, just going on about my business as usual but I look down and what do I see? WTH….weird funky looking floaters :   Boy […]

Latest News: Keurig Announces New K Elite

Latest News: Keurig’s newest kid on the block is the K-Elite The latest news (or brews?) to come my way is from Keurig Green Mountain with regard to their newest product release- the K-Elite. Apparently, the K-line is the newest generation..Word out is that it was released on 2/28 and due to hit stores as […]

Have You Heard About the Nowpresso Yet?

Latest News: Have You Heard About the Nowpresso Yet? Just when you guys thought that single cup coffee had reached its apex of convenience… Along comes something pretty darn amazing. This landed in my feed not too long ago so I directed my attention to it right away. Well, here is something chances are, you […]

My First One-Cupper Gift Buying Experience…A Home Run

My First One-Cupper Gift Buying Experience…A Home Run “It’s better to give than receive” Guys do you have a friend or family member who hates making a whole pot of coffee? Especially when it is just them and they’re not expecting company coming? Well, a one-cupper unit is a great gift idea, and if you […]