Keurig K55 K-Classic Review

Keurig K55 K Classic Review Jennifer’s Rating: 3.7 Stars Now I return to the classics yet again…This review is for the Keurig K Classic, as it’s labeled. It’s one of the more recent successors in the “Elite” series, and if you’ve kept up with my reviews on those, some of the information here may seem […]

Keurig K Elite Review

Keurig K Elite Review There’s a new Keurig on the block and this one is definitely different – Different in that you’ll be able to have a similar experience if you enjoyed the more “classic” Keurigs of the past -but this time with some new additions and options. Different in that wit this model you […]

Keurig K Select K80 Single Cup Coffee Maker Review

Keurig K Select/K80 Single Cup Coffee Maker Review Jennifer’s Rating: 4.5 Stars Well guys, you guessed it, Keurig has got a new kid in town and the name is the K-Select. Due to diligent research, this looks to be the most recent new arrival having been out on the market for under six months, but […]

Keurig K575 Review

Keurig K575 Review Reviewed by Jennifer 4.1 Stars Here it is again, a machine that can do it all, and then some; in full detail I’ll tell all about what the Keurig 2.0 K575 brewer can do and any caveats (yes there are a few) to watch out for before you buy. In a nutshell, […]

Keurig K155 Review

Keurig K155 Review Rated by Jennifer 4.5 Stars In my Keurig K155 review I found myself thinking back to time taking classes and the newly added lounge had a coffee bar in which a commercial grade Keurig very much like this one (could have been this one for all I knew!) It got plenty of […]

Keurig K145 Review

Keurig K145 Review Jennifer’s Rating: 4.3 Stars In this indepth Keurig K145 review I take a good look at an industrial-grade single cup brewer worthy of consideration – it’s also known as the OfficePro so it is made with public venues in mind. In appearance it is very similar to its home-front “relatives’ but it […]