What Are the Best Reusable K Cups For Your Brewer?

Which Are the Best Reusable K Cups for Your Brewer? Hi guys, if you’ve got your single cup brewer and only owned it for a short time, chances are you’re enjoying the wide K cup flavor selection, but you’re overhearing a great deal about those “my k cups” So you’re probably dying to try them! […]

The Choice is Clear: Which Keurig Water Filter Kit is Best?

Which Keurig Water Filter Kit is Best? Let’s face it a good water filter kit can help you offset some potential water troubles and it’s a small enough investment that it is worth taking the time to do! Even though it is common to find single-brew coffee makers that already include a filtration accessory, sometimes […]

The Best Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

The Best Gifts for Coffee Drinkers Hey guys…is there a java junkie in your life that you’re in a quandary about what to get them for Christmas, or perhaps another looming occasion? Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or “just because” kind of day, I want to give you the whole run-down on the best gifts […]

An In-depth Guide to Different K-Cup Storage Units

An In-depth Guide to K-Cup Storage Units If you’ve accumulated enough K-cups naturally you’re going to want to keep them in a tidy place. And you want them to be accessible in their own way, so you don’t pull out a Colombian roast when your visitor asks you for a decaf! Many times people buy […]

Which Brand of Tumbler Is Best to Go With Your K-Cup Brewer?

Why You May Need a Tumbler if you Regularly Drink Coffee Let’s face it, I think everyone should own one travel mug. It does not matter if you’re not a jet-setter type. It does matter that something could be calling you to hit the road and you’ll want to be ready. I’ve owned about 2-3 […]