java jenniferSo who am I exactly, and why should you listen to me tell you all about different coffee makers?

When it comes to appliance niches, this one happens to be my favorite of them all. And when it comes to appliances, there can be so much grief to be had when we go into shopping with too much tunnel vision. Have you ever bought something-perhaps a houseware item, but not something electrical-upon receipt and use, though, somehow it didn’t exactly match your expectations. However, it still had some nice qualities about it, and you didn’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it as it didn’t seem to be worth the trouble when it comes to shipping fees incurred. Yep, I’ve been there.

However, if the item in question is an appliance-it could be something along the lines of a toaster oven, electric mixer, or a hair dryer; the last thing you are going to want to do is just “make the best of it” if the firing mechanism is off. Darn it, you want that thing replaced. A malfunctioning appliance is about as useless as a chocolate teapot.

What is my biggest takeaway for visitors here?

My promise to you is that the information presented here on this niche site was written with the deep-seated concerns of the consumers in mind and that the good, the not-so-good, and the downright bad is presented here with no attempts at sugar-coating; you owe it to yourself to get as the famous line from Dirty Harry says: “Just the facts, ma’am”. Sometimes wrong purchases go beyond mere inconveniences; there can be some major bugaboo that ruins the party for good.

k-cup coffeemakerHow long have I been drinking coffee?

Well today, it’s probably been about six hours ago (just kidding) In this lifetime? About 20 years. Back then, people used the automatic drip style coffee maker which is pretty reliable and can go anywhere-you probably see them all over establishments, including the local 24-hr diner. And nothing is wrong with this model, but the majority of people who say they want to trade up to the one-cup coffee method are only making a cup for themselves at that time, and would like to make the experience hassle-free and not have to get out a whole carafe to do so. You can re-heat coffee from the carafe when it gets too cool, but, it just doesn’t taste the same, unfortunately.

What is the first brand of coffee I tried out back then?

Believe it or not, General Foods International Coffees. They came in a cute little oblong can in flavors that varied from Irish Crème, French Vanilla, and Viennese Cinnamon. Although this brand is still around (I still get them as I like to use them as a creamer) they now come in plastic cans, not metal (boo, hiss) Also, Irish Crème was my favorite and I never see it anymore.

How many single-serve coffee makers have I owned?

Two. The first model I owned was one of the early to mid 2000s Keurigs that I believe to be a B70. It was black with a 72-oz water reservoir. It was actually a gift; I’d been informed was in excellent pre-owned condition. Yep, pretty solid maker, but then there was this problem that cropped up in which the reservoir developed a hairline crack, rendering use difficult without a mess. By the time I was informed that a soldering tool could have repaired the hairline crack, it ended up in the donation bin.

Now I am kicking myself as I found out later on that Amazon carries replacement water reservoirs for this and related models that have been discontinued in the big-box retailer world (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.) Undaunted, I knew I still wanted another Keurig…

The current K-cup unit I own is a K10 Mini Plus. I picked it for reasons of practicality first, style and appearance second. First of all, I’m not entertaining much, so the lack of a reservoir is not an issue. I keep it in my office where it is always nearby, and its size is just right.

Oh, and yes, I still own a drip maker; always nice to have as a backup. Don’t shoot the messenger; in this household I have an axiom about appliances: If it still works, keep it! Better to have it and not need it much, than to need something and not have it.

What is my favorite K-Cup coffee brand?

Well, it’s a toss-up between Dunkin’ Donuts Classic Roast, and Green Mountain Colombian Fair Trade Select, Medium Roast.
In terms of K-cup flavor niches, Mocha. Anything chocolate!

Do issues like the landfill clutter of used K-cups ever leave me feeling rankled?

Well, yes and no. I guess that is the price we pay for the convenience highly desired. My best advice is to make the switch to the My K-Cup reusable filter which makes this issue more of a non-issue. The Keurig company plans to make good on their promise to make the K-cup recyclable once and for all, and not just the Vue model. They have made a 4-year benchmark to accomplish this and work out all the kinks in the meantime.

How visitors can get in touch further?

Well first and foremost, comments and suggestions are always welcomed (and encouraged!) as long as they are helpful and constructive. Feel free to drop me a line if it’s to ask something, request some info or just to do a big shout-out! I will respect your privacy in all communications. One way I can be reached is through my contact form, and another way by social media. You can visit my Facebook fan page, Google plus page, Youtube channel and Twitter profile to learn more, and if you have heard of a product and would like to bring it to my attention, I’m all eyes and ears.
And remember, there are no “stupid questions” (or people).